Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ICC July Standard Tournament Round 1

One of my goals is to play competitive long games. Here is the first round of the ICC July Standard Tournament. My opponent is a bit lower rated than I am, but I am not taking anything for granted. I had a couple goals going into the game:
1. Concentrate
2. Consider the big picture (not just tactics)
3. Focus on piece activity
4. Calculate, don't guess at moves.

I accomplished those fairly well for the most part. I do admit though that my focus wilted slightly as I found myself with more of an advantage. This will be corrected naturally I think as I play tougher competition and get punished for lapses in concentration. Each game I go into I have 2-3 little goals like this depending on what my needs are at the moment.

I will be looking up this opening, which I haven't played in a while as well as review my thought process throughout the game. Enjoy!

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